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Presenting Your Client at Personal Injury Mediation in Texas

Personal injury mediation in Houston Texas is being increasingly tapped into as an effective case settlement tool.  Parties to legal disputes, including those involved in personal injury cases, recognize the tremendous benefits of being able to resolve legal claims in a private setting in a faster manner and with fewer legal costs and fees.  Part of the process of personal injury mediation in Houston Texas is to present each party.  This gives the other side a glimpse into how the client would appear in front of a jury.

Experienced legal counsel understands that a significant part of the mediation process involves presenting the client and not just the case.  In order to make the best impression, it is preferable to prepare the client before the mediation so that he or she can play a strategic role in the general session.  If the client was injured in an accident, he or she is in the best position to explain the impact of the accident, including the health impact, how the accident affected the client’s job and how it changed his or her life.

This information is best communicated firsthand from the client rather than through a lawyer who will not be as passionate about things as the person who directly had to deal with them.  Presenting a client in this vulnerable state can allow the other side to see how the person might present to a jury and the emotional impact his or her testimony might have.

Using Active Listening in Personal Injury Mediation in Houston TX

A professional mediator utilizes a number of important skills to effectively advocate for settlement by the parties during personal injury mediation in Houston TX.  One of these skills is actively listening.  By engaging in active listening, a mediator can help communicate with the parties better throughout the process of personal injury mediation in Houston TX.

Research indicates that many people ignore anywhere between 70 and 90 percent of what someone says to them.  Instead of listening, many people simply formulate a response to what the other person is saying rather than really focusing on what that party is saying.  However, if a mediator follows this general trend, a lot of relevant, important information will be lost.  Mediators know how important it is to actively listen, especially in cases involving personal injuries.  A mediator provides undivided attention to the person who is speaking in order to gather all of the necessary information that is being conveyed.

An effective strategy to actively listen is to rephrase what the speaker said in one’s own words.  The speaker then communicates whether this interpretation was correct or not.  If the mediator is correct, the speaker feels affirmed.  If the mediator’s summary is incorrect, the speaker can correct any misunderstandings.  This method helps clarify important facts and issues.

Active listening helps ensure that the person listening understands what is being said.  It helps build trust and rapport between the mediator and the speaker.  After the speaker sees the mediator performing this ritual, he or she may begin to copy it when communicating with the other party, leading to clarity and better understanding.