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Secrets to Successful Trade Secrets Mediation in Houston TX

Trade secrets mediation in Houston Texas is often difficult because it involves a great degree of distrust between the parties.  However, trade secrets mediation in Houston Texas often provides better results than litigation that is time-consuming and costly, so it is important to follow these guidelines to help make your experience with mediation a successful one:

Mediate Early

In trade secrets cases, it is important to mediate the dispute as early as possible.  Mediation is confidential, so nothing said during mediation can be disclosed.  Additionally, it is private unlike the nature of a public courtroom.  Mediating early can help prevent the public disclosure of confidential information and may help resolve issues where this information is being misappropriated.

Be Open to New Ideas

Courts are rarely creative with their rulings.  However, mediation does not have to be bound by the traditional rules by the court.  Parties may be able to think about creative solutions to their legal issues, such as licensing deals or restrictive contracts.

Bring Settlement Authority

It is vital that if a settlement is reached during mediation all parties necessary to authorize the settlement must be present during mediation.

Carefully Select a Mediator

Choose a mediator who has ample experience in trade secrets cases.  A mediator working on a case of this nature can explain that even if a party was successful in acquiring a temporary restraining order does not mean that he or she will be successful in obtaining an injunction or damages.  A mediator who has experience in this realm will also provide greater credibility to the process.

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