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Preparing for Contract Mediation in Houston TX

As with most legal processes, thorough preparation is key to success. Although most attorneys do not feel that mediation requires the same level of preparation as if they were conducting a trial, the reality is that mediation often provides the chance to settle the case on a final basis, so taking preparation seriously is a necessity. Planning well for contract mediation in Houston Texas makes settlement much more likely, as the attorneys are better prepared to help their clients negotiate and make an informed decision about their case. As attorneys approach contract mediation in Houston Texas, they should take certain steps to prepare.

The approaching mediation session may be the hundredth for the attorneys, but it is likely the first for the clients. Many attorneys underestimate the importance of preparing their clients for mediation. Most clients experience anxiety about litigation and legal claims because they do not know what to expect. Attorneys should meet with their clients prior to mediation and walk them through what to expect during the session. During mediation, the clients will be able to focus on settling the case, instead of wondering what will happen next.

Attorneys should also take the time to review their case file prior to mediation. In cases that have been active for some time, the attorneys may have forgotten a few facts or events that may be relevant during mediation. Another good practice is to create a separate mediation folder and place necessary documents in it for quick reference during mediation.

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