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Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Personal injury and issues related to personal injury law occur when a person is injured or made ill. Often, the term personal injury is used in conjunction with vehicle accidents, but it can also apply to workplace injuries, medical malpractice, and injuries that occur on a person’s or a company’s private property. For instance, if you are bitten by a dog…

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Contract Mediation

Contract mediation is extremely common in the business world. Parties enter into contracts in order to have legal parameters for their relationship. For instance, if one party is selling his or her home, a contract, also called an offer to purchase, is created. The offer outlines the variables associated with the agreement, including the purchase price…

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Construction Mediation

It is common for disputing parties to use mediation to help them settle disputes related to the construction industry. Construction matters are often governed by contracts and when those contracts need to be negotiate or misunderstandings arise related to the contracts, mediation is an efficient, affordable means by which the dispute can be settled.

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Trade Secretes Mediation

Trade secrets mediation addresses the misuse of sensitive business information. It is possible to settle disputes related to trade secrets in court, but the information becomes a matter of public interest. This means portions, if not all, of the proceedings are open to the public. Mediation is private and information discussed during a mediation session…

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