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Determine When Should a Case Go To a Personal Injury Mediator

If you have a client who has been in a car accident recently, you should consult with a Houston personal injury mediator to determine whether mediation is a better venue. Personal injury cases that go to litigation are notoriously complex and lengthy, but your client may be interested in arriving at a solution much sooner. He or she may wish to put the accident behind him or her altogether and focus instead on the future. Numerous challenges might demonstrate to you that it’s worth the effort or time you’d need to put into crafting a case, especially if the potential damages are low.

When potential damages are minor but still large enough to present a financial burden to one party, mediation makes sense. Either attorney might recognize this and suggest that the conflict be mediated instead. This gives both parties the opportunity to walk through their side of the story without the added expenses of a great deal of time in court. Having to comply with court procedure could drag out a resolution and influence the perceived value of a damage award for both the plaintiff and the defendant.

If you have clients who have large enough potential damage awards to fight for, but not large enough to make it worth filing a lawsuit and foregoing a lot of the decision-making power, an alternative method like mediation presents a clear option for ending the dispute. The same consideration applies to the attorney who represents the defendants.

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