Determine When Should a Case Go To a Personal Injury Mediator

If you have a client who has been in a car accident recently, you should consult with a Houston personal injury mediator to determine whether mediation is a better venue. Personal injury cases that go to litigation are notoriously complex and lengthy, but your client may be interested in arriving at a solution much sooner. He or she may wish to put the accident behind him or her altogether and focus instead on the future. Numerous challenges might demonstrate to you that it’s worth the effort or time you’d need to put into crafting a case, especially if the potential damages are low. When potential damages are minor but still large enough to present a financial burden to one party,... Read More

Why Should Contract Disputes Go Through Mediation?

Rather than allowing the issue to escalate to litigation, many attorneys are advising their clients about the potential results available through mediation. For a number of Houston contract disputes, it makes sense to recommend this alternative to your clients. Unfortunately, litigation is not the best solution for everyone, but thankfully there are other options. As an attorney, the evidence for your client’s case might not be strong enough to make it worth his or her while to head into court. Or perhaps the client is not interested in paying for your time over what could turn out to be a lengthy process in court. This is where you should consider presenting the option of mediation instead. Contract disputes are often... Read More

What Kinds of Cases Does a Construction Mediator Help With?

Construction is its own complex industry with norms, rules, and construction-specific issues at play. That’s why retaining a Houston construction mediator ensures that you’re working with someone who understands the complicated nature of most claims and uses his or her insight to help navigate possible solutions. With so many opportunities for a dispute to arise, there are many different kinds of conflict that might be aided by the experience of a construction mediator. Some of the most common causes of disputes in this industry include: Subcontractor claims Home sale contracts, Change orders, Construction defects, Quality control items, Architectural design issues, Joint Ventures, Construction project supervision and Scheduling/timing concerns. A construction mediator does not only have to be included in the... Read More

Linking Discrimination and Wrongful Termination

In many states, an employee can be terminated for no reason whatsoever. However, this does not mean that it is legal to terminate employees for reasons that are against the laws of the nation. Wrongful termination in Texas, if linked to discrimination can end in the employee hiring a lawyer, taking the employer to court, and possibly being awarded for damages and lost wages. Age Discrimination Wrongful termination in Texas includes any type of age discrimination. Some employers may be accused of thinking that it is better to use the younger, faster, more technologically advanced younger generation for work. It is considered wrongful termination to terminate someone’s employment based on his or her age if the employee is in the... Read More