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Where To Find Wrongful Termination Mediators?

More individuals involved in Houston wrongful termination cases are turning to mediation to attempt to resolve their issues. Whether you’re trying out mediation at the outset of your case or whether you’ve already initiated some of the legal steps, it can be wise to see how mediation benefits your case and allows you and the other party to move on with your life post-dispute.

If you’re looking for a mediator, local or state organizations of mediators may have lists of relevant individuals with experience in the field of wrongful termination. You may also know someone who has gone through a case like this before and getting a referral is a good idea. Most professional mediators will have a website, too, which you might locate by searching the type of case you are involved in and the geographic area.

Finding a good mediator can have a significant impact on the outcome of your Houston wrongful termination case. In many situations, an experienced mediator can guide conversation meaningfully and allow you and the other party to reach a resolution much more quickly than you otherwise would. This has the added benefit of reducing the costs that you put into the case, allowing you and the other party to move on with your lives after the dispute. Do your research to identify the party most likely to help you resolve the case effectively.

Houston mediator, John W. Kelly, Jr., has been mediating employment discrimination cases since 1992, either as an advocate or neutral mediator. As an experienced employment mediator, he can assist the parties in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their positions. Contact him today at 713-775-3003 or send him an email at johnkelly@experiencedhoustonmediator.com for a complimentary initial consultation.

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