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Contract Mediation

Contract mediation is extremely common in the business world. Parties enter into contracts in order to have legal parameters for their relationship. For instance, if one party is selling his or her home, a contract, also called an offer to purchase, is created. The offer outlines the variables associated with the agreement, including the purchase price, the timeline of the sale, and any contingencies that could affect the purchase of the home. Many offers to purchase contracts include a contingency related to a home inspection.

Despite the intention of a contract to eliminate arguments and problems in a business relationship, issues can still arise. Parties occasionally accuse one another of not honoring a contract or each party might interpret an aspect of the contract in a different way. Contract mediation is especially effective for helping parties settle contract disputes in Houston because it provides an opportunity to discuss the misunderstanding and create a resolution to the dispute that is mutually beneficial.

If you are involved in a contract dispute, contact John W. Kelly, Jr., a Houston mediator, to assist you with resolving the matter. As a former trial attorney, his 43 years of experience serves as an excellent resource for clients who need professional assistance in navigating the tricky waters of contract disputes. Contact him today at 713-775-3003 or send him an email at johnkelly@experiencedhoustonmediator.com for a complimentary initial consultation.

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