Why Should Contract Disputes Go Through Mediation?

Rather than allowing the issue to escalate to litigation, many attorneys are advising their clients about the potential results available through mediation. For a number of Houston contract disputes, it makes sense to recommend this alternative to your clients. Unfortunately, litigation is not the best solution for everyone, but thankfully there are other options.

As an attorney, the evidence for your client’s case might not be strong enough to make it worth his or her while to head into court. Or perhaps the client is not interested in paying for your time over what could turn out to be a lengthy process in court. This is where you should consider presenting the option of mediation instead.

Contract disputes are often over one or two key issues, and these typically do not always require the insight of a judge to determine a solution. Solutions in court are also limited, and one or both parties could walk away with an outcome they don’t want or weren’t expecting. Rather than gamble on a potentially bad outcome, your client may be better off trying to work with the other party in mediation. With more flexibility and a higher likelihood that the issue can be resolved in much less time, mediation is an obvious choice for many contract dispute cases. Although the law has specific remedies available for contract conflicts, mediation gives the parties an opportunity to generate something tied more closely to their needs.