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What Kinds of Cases Does a Construction Mediator Help With?

Construction is its own complex industry with norms, rules, and construction-specific issues at play. That’s why retaining a Houston construction mediator ensures that you’re working with someone who understands the complicated nature of most claims and uses his or her insight to help navigate possible solutions.

With so many opportunities for a dispute to arise, there are many different kinds of conflict that might be aided by the experience of a construction mediator. Some of the most common causes of disputes in this industry include:

  • Subcontractor claims
  • Home sale contracts,
  • Change orders,
  • Construction defects,
  • Quality control items,
  • Architectural design issues,
  • Joint Ventures,
  • Construction project supervision and
  • Scheduling/timing concerns.

A construction mediator does not only have to be included in the dispute process after one or both parties intend to file a lawsuit. In fact, a mediator might participate in weekly update meetings or meet with the parties’ onsite to help stop a dispute before it escalates.

Intervening early with a Houston construction mediator allows a project to proceed with minimal interruptions and increases the chances that expectations are managed clearly and defined correctly. This can also be valuable for ensuring that timelines are set and achieved realistically, helping to avoid one of the most common causes of construction disputes. You may wish to suggest construction mediation to your client early on in the dispute.

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