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Construction Mediation

It is common for disputing parties to use mediation to help them settle disputes related to the construction industry. Construction matters are often governed by contracts and when those contracts need to be negotiated or misunderstandings arise related to the contracts, mediation is an efficient, affordable means by which the dispute can be settled. Construction mediation can also be used to settle issues related to land use, purchase price or deadlines.

Construction disputes can be expensive and time consuming to settle. Time lost during a project affects the bottom lines of all those involved. It can also damage business relationships that would otherwise be beneficial to those involved. It is possible to litigate construction disputes, but this only lengthens the time it takes to reach a resolution. Construction mediation in Houston, TX is an effective method that can be used to settle a variety of issues related to planning, design, and buying or selling property.

If you need assistance with a construction issue that has caused a dispute, contact John W. Kelly Jr., a construction mediation professional in Houston. By drawing on his extensive experience as a trial attorney, he can help you and the other parties resolve the dispute by facilitating effective yet civil communication and focusing on the issues at hand. Contact him today at 713-775-3003 or send him an email at johnkelly@experiencedhoustonmediator.com for a complimentary initial consultation.

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