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Effective Communication Strategies in Construction Mediation in Houston TX

Construction mediation in Houston Texas can often help parties embroiled in an issue related to a contract or construction project to work out their differences and move on with their relationship.  However, to make the most of construction mediation in Houston Texas, it is important that the parties and the mediator demonstrate effective communication strategies.

One effective method to employ during mediation is to demonstrate curiosity.  Having a natural interest in what the other person is saying and how he or she perceives things can help establish trust and respect in the mediation setting.  Demonstrating curiosity helps individuals have a deeper understanding of what motivates others and what their interests are.  Curiosity identifies key information to help resolve the dispute.  Demonstrating curiosity also helps the parties to express their own ideas and beliefs.

Another effective strategy is to restrain one’s own ego in order to learn more about the other side.  If the party can ignore any perceived slights, fight off the instinct to defend himself or herself and truly focus on what the other party is saying, information can be expressed in a manner that illuminates greater detail.  This strategy can provide important insight into the motivations of the other party.  People have an intrinsic need to tell their own story, and this strategy allows them to do that.

Finally, requesting feedback from the other party can help re calibrate expectations and move the parties closer to a resolution.

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