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Choosing a Mediator for Personal Injury Mediation in Houston TX

Selecting a proper mediator for personal injury mediation in Houston Texas makes reaching settlement much more likely. Whether you represent the plaintiff or the defendant in a personal injury case, there are qualities you (and opposing counsel) should seek in a mediator. As you prepare for personal injury mediation in Houston Texas, be sure to keep the following characteristics in mind.

First, do not fret over whether the mediator has primarily represented plaintiffs or defendants in previous practice. In many cases, it is beneficial to use a mediator with experience on the “other” side of the claim. These mediators are able to offer additional insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the case, and may be able to assist in anticipating the opposing side’s arguments.

Select a mediator who mediates cases often. Although most mediators complete similar training before they earn their certifications, those who mediate frequently will be more experienced in the nature of personal injury claims and the emotions they involve.

Similarly, it is also important that the mediator has reached settlement in a majority of personal injury cases. A high rate of settlement speaks volumes as to the mediator’s negotiation style and ability to overcome perceived impasses.

Consider your clients’ personalities as well when seeking a mediator. Would your client fare better with a mediator that allowed them more leeway in making decisions, or would a mediator that discloses what a judge may rule be better?

With these tips in mind, you will find an excellent mediator.

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